Hi, I'm David Anderson

David Anderson is a member Dover City Council , a proud member of the Delaware Army National Guard and Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, a father and husband , and a board member of Christian Life Center.

He has served our community in the following capacities

City Councilman

Committee member, Legislative, Finance, and Administration
Committee member, Dover Parks Recreation and Community Enhancement
Chaired: Construction Code Appeals Committee
National League of Cites Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Steering Committee
National Board Member, Christian Public Officials Caucus
Dover Human Relations Commissioner
Supporter of Veterans' Outreach of Delaware
Member of the American Legion Post 2
Volunteer at Luther Towers with various events
Past Board Member of the Academy of Dover
Past Board Member, Because We Care, Inc.
Past Member, Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce Legislative Affairs Committee
Co-founder, Constitutional Preservation Council
Co-founder, Delaware Initiative and Referendum Coalition
State Vice-Chair, United We Stand Delaware, Inc.
Chapter Chair, American Family Association
County Coordinator, Meet at City Hall National Day of Prayer
Volunteer, Read-a-Loud Delaware
Volunteer, Fair Approach to Citizen’s Taxation

Working for you


Monday night, something good happened. Dover City Council added authorization for 10 police officers. Dover will still have a slightly smaller PD than Salisbury which has around 6000 fewer residents or around 15 short of Annapolis which has about the same population. Read more.


A program allowing the Dover Police to recruit part time “cadets” to join the community police program and add patrols to the downtown business district is likely to pass Dover City Council in the January 12, 2015 meeting. Read more.


On Wednesday, December 10th, nearly 30 officers took 24 under-privileged children to the Dover Target store to go Christmas shopping for themselves and family as part of the 2nd annual Heroes and Helpers event. Read more.


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